Friday, July 30, 2010

Sci Foo 2010

I'm currently on my way to the Googleplex for this year's Science Foo Camp (SciFoo). Based on the original O'Reilly Foo Camp unconference model, there's no agenda until the first evening when the attendees collectively create one, SciFoo is a gathering of "leading scientists, technologists, writers and other thought-leaders" for a weekend of discussion, demonstration and debate.

From SciFoo 2009 - Charlotte Stoddart

I'm absolutely amazed and delighted to be here for SciFoo amougst some great people, it's going to be an amazing weekend...

Monday, July 26, 2010

iPad iPhone Summit

For those of you who didn't get the chance to go to O'Reilly's OSCON I'll be giving my talk on Face Detection on the iPhone again at the online iPhone iPad Summit run by Environments for Humans. It's an all-new, all-day online conference, on the 25th of August running from 9am to 5pm (CDT).

Talking will be Jesse MacFadyen on the PhoneGap project, myself on face detection on the iPhone, David Kaneda on Sencha Touch, Jonathan Stark on offline web applications using HTML 5, Simon St. Laurent on client side data storage using HTML 5, Suzanne Ginsburg on iOS and the user experience, Dan Rubin on mobile design and CSS3 and Aral Balkan on the Feathers App.

Use the discount code IPPSALLAN will get 10% off the ticket price for both individual or meeting room tickets. The ticket price includes a free iPhone ebook from O'Reilly!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Interview on iPhone Sensors

While I was at OSCON last week I was interviewed by Mac Slocum for the O'Reilly Media YouTube channel about my talk on Face Detection for the iPhone, augmented reality and mobile sensors in general.

To be honest we actually covered the best material after the camera stopped rolling, as we moved sideways onto ubiquitous computing, which is one of my most ridden and favourite hobby horses, and on using distributed data to allow us to make better real-time decisions. Maybe next time...

Face Detection at OSCON

I spent last week at the O'Reilly Media OSCON conference where I was talking about using the OpenCV library to do face detection on the iPhone using Haar classifiers.

The talk walked you through the cross-compiling and building a static distribution of the library that you can link to your application and make use of from both the simulator and the iPhone hardware itself, and how to build a simple application to perform face recognition on images taken directly using the device's camera.

Visualising Haar Classifiers from Adam Harvey.

Download the talk as a PDF (4.4MB), or view it on The associated visualization by Adam Harvey and sample code (20.8MB) built during the talk are also available.