Monday, June 06, 2005

Apple to move to Intel...

As reported just about everywhere Apple has announced plans to move to Intel processors by the end of 2007. In other news, hell freezes over...

Watch Steve Jobs' keynote speech at WWDC'05.

I can't believe the they think this is a good move, they've just put themselves into direct competition with Microsoft and Dell.

Update: The Register has more, and of course Slashdot has the story...

Update: Damien Barrett looks to be the first to press with a comparison of Mac OS X running on PowerPC and Intel hardware. The results don't look good, I think we have to cross our fingers for some optimisation somewhere down the line before Mac OS X on Intel gets released into the wild...

Update: The numbers seem to have disappeared from Damien's site. I guess either he figured out they were way off base, got cold feet about publishing, or someone put pressure on him to remove them?

Update: More recent reports seem to indicate that Mac OS X may actually runs faster on the Intel boxes than on equivalent Power PC hardware. Perhaps the initial reports were from non-optimised installations?

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  1. Anonymous9:40 am

    It seems that the comparison is taken down. How bad were the numbers and what exactly was compared?