Monday, August 07, 2006

A NetNewsWire pre-beta

Brent Simmons' has just announced (via TUAW) something a bit out of the ordinary, a pre-beta release of the upcoming NetNewsWire 3.0.

The new NetNewsWire 3.0d7 pre-beta

Be warned however,
So I put up a super-early sneak peak release. It's not a beta, it's not even an alpha, it's at 3.0d7. You can download it here. But I warn you with big red letters that it's a work in progress, and you shouldn't try it out if you're not comfortable with it. - Brent Simmons
I can personally attest to the bugs. The new improved combined view is excellent, although currently somewhat prone to locking the application fairly solidly. That said, back up your current Preferences and Application Support files and take it for a test drive, I like the new look and feel, so perhaps you will as well...

Update: Is it just me or does .Mac syncing not work?

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