Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Bluetooth, game over?

So today Nokia unveiled its Wibree standard, which in all honesty looks to be a head on competitor to Bluetooth, no matter how Nokia are tying to spin things. For a company that has amongst the best Bluetooth support in the industry, this came as a bit of a surprise, and certainly has a lot of people confused.

I think they're facing an uphill struggle if they want us to dump our Bluetooth PANs and move wholesale to to the new standard. Virtually every bit of gear I own now has Bluetooth in one form of another, the installation base they're facing is huge, so Wibree will have to offer huge advantages or be able to coexist alongside the existing Bluetooth devices, somehow!

It's a gutsy move on their part, and it's definitely not game over at this stage, but game on...

Update: It doesn't sound like the guys over at Engadget are convinced by Nokia's spin either.

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  1. I think its got a lot better in the last couple of years, but perhaps that because I started using an Apple as the "other end" of the Bluetooth connection at about that time?