Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Smart clothing for Geeks

Remember the smart clothes pegs, intelligent spoons, thinking carpets, ubiquitous umbrella and the smart chopping board?

CREDIT: ThinkGeek
Ubiquitous computing gone mad?

It's not really how I thought smart clothing would start to trickle down into the consumer market, but ThinkGeek's new t-shirt (via CrunchGear) is an interesting foray into ubiquitous computing. I'm just not sure it's very useful...

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  1. I stopped using WiFi (except for extenuating circumstances) in favor of my mobile phone's 500+ kb/s IP service. I have my mobi on my belt, and via Bluetooth, I double-click an icon and presto! I'm on. Even in a car on the motorway (with my wife driving of course!).