Thursday, October 16, 2008

Three's 3G Wi-Fi router

Back in May I noted that Three were thinking about rolling out a line of home routers...

So this is just to note that they're now offering their D100 Wireless Router for £69.99 when purchased with one of their USB broadband dongles which I recently had for review. The nice thing here is that, unlike some other 3G routers, this one uses the USB dongle to provide the network connection, which means that you can pull the dongle out and take it with you when you're traveling.

It's nice to see this sort of technology trickling down into the consumer market at last. Of course, I'm still more interested in getting my hands on a femtocell. Is there any network that's even doing a closed beta trial of femtocells in the UK?

Update: Unboxing video from KCJH (via 3mobilebuzz)...


  1. O2 are conducting a closed trial in the UK using Ubiquisys femtocells and NEC as the system integrator. They're widening this to other vendors (a sensible commercial decision at this stage), showing they are taking this technology seriously.

    We've also seen an interesting option from Vodafone Italy, where you signup for broadband and take a box home. Initially this uses a 3G USB modem, but when your DSL service is activated, that takes over. You can then choose to take the USB around with you, or leave it in for fallback protection. Similar boxes are also available from DABS in the UK (and others), made by Billion.

    David Chambers

  2. That's interesting news, thanks for that.

  3. ...and here is the press release from back in February.

  4. This product seems very enticing. However, there are lots of similar products in the market that offer almost similar functionality. I've read about pocket wifi or myfi. They are portable and very handy. You can always carry them where ever you go. It uses the 3G or 4G network. What I like about this one is that, it lowers the costs of having networking cabling or fibre optic cabling at home.