Monday, March 09, 2009

ETech: Unevenly distributing the future again

I'm currently in San Jose for the 2009 O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference, and much like last year we're unevenly distributing the future yet again. We'll be talking about synthetic biology, sensors and smart content, urban homesteading, making art with lasers and high tech chocolate.

...there are somewhere between six and ten billion people. At any given time, most of them are making mud bricks or field-stripping their AK-47s. - Neal Stephenson, Snow Crash p.26

Suffice to say that we're not going to be in the majority, unless things go very wrong there won't be a mud brick or an AK-47 to be seen all week.

ETech is one of those rare conferences where you get to hole up in a nice hotel and sit down and think about things for a week. Day-to-day you very rarely get time to do that, I'm going to try and not waste the opportunity...

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