Thursday, September 02, 2010

Science Online London 2010

So this weekend I'm attending Science Online London at the British Library. A two day conference aimed at exploring how the web is changing the way we conduct, communicate, share, and evaluate research.

Tonight I managed to just miss out on the pre-conference pub crawl. My train pulled into London about the same time as the crawl was scheduled to roll out of the Cittie of York and onto the Ye Olde Mitre. Since the Mitre is notorious as being "London's most hidden pub" I decided that I'd probably shouldn't try and find even a relatively large crowd of drunk(en) science bloggers under my own steam at that point...

However as well as the first day of the conference proper, tomorrow night is the Frivolous Rooftop Debate hosted by Mendeley at their office in Clerkenwell. From the accounts of last year's event I'm really looking forward to it, and I'm hoping for a vaguely Foo-like experience from the un-conference programme...

...if you can't be there Science 3.0 is live-casting the event and of course you can follow along on Twitter, the hashtag for the event is #solo10.


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