Monday, August 16, 2004

Hackers & Painters

I've just stumbled across a recording of Paul Graham's OSCON keynote speech. Paul's talk was one of the more interesting, and possibly the most controversial, I attended during OSCON, and after sitting through it both Frossie and myself went out and bought a copy of Paul's new book Hackers & Painters. I kept it for the trip home and despite taking the red-eye all the way back, which normally leaves me a useless pile of quivering jelly, I'd finished it well before I landed in Heathrow. It's packed full of interesting stuff and I thoroughly recommend it, an excellent book.

Hackers & Painters: Essays on the Art of Programming
by Paul Graham, ISBN 0596006624, 225 pages, £11.16

Eric S. Raymond, author of The Cathedral and the Bazaar, writes in the foreword to Hackers & Painters: "Paul's writing is, as you'll soon learn from the rest of this book, wonderfully lucid stuff. Reading Paul's essays is like having a conversation with a genius who doesn't need to score any points by proving it to you, except that most geniuses aren't as articulate as he is. You get to share Paul's sense that the Universe is a fascinating place, and his knack for looking at it from an unusual angle."

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