Sunday, August 01, 2004

I would walk 500 miles

...or at least it feels like it. Due to the vagrancies of the airline industry I ended up with an extra day in Portland. So obviously, I immediately embarked on a shopping expedition. My aim, a souvenir t-shirt for my girlfriend and something small, light, and easy fitted into carry-on-luggage for myself, hardly a major undertaking I thought...

Despite the excellent integrated public transport system I decided to walk. Portland, like alot of major US cities, is laid out on a grid system so it should have been impossible to get lost, especially with the walking map of Portland in my possession.

The MAX, Portland's light rail system

Since I'd only managed to get to one of the seven Powell's stores yesterday, I was going to made their technical book store my first port of call. The technical book store is about two blocks from the main Powell's store and houses more than 80,000 volumes, all about computers. It's enough to make a good geek teary eyed...

Powell's Technical Books

Escaping after only a short while, with only a few books to weigh me down, I set about the purchase of various other items eventually succeeding in fufilling the expedition goals, although not without several hours passing...

Portland's China Town

...and getting lost. Well, not exactly lost, more misplaced. Somehow, I'd managed to get myself twisted around so that for about half and hour I thought the cross-streets were the verticals and the verticals were the cross-streets. On the up side, this did mean I got to visit China Town which wasn't something I was planning on.