Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Game over?

After days of rumours that someone has finally managed to successfully boot Windows XP on an Intel iMac, it looks like we now have some solid proof that somebody has managed to get Windows XP to boot on Apple's new Intel iMac. I don't think anyone can argue that the video showing the Windows booting was done in Photoshop, can they?

Update: It's official, the blurry photos and videos we've been seeing over the last couple of days are real and the cheque is in the post...

Update: UNEASYsilence has the full instructions and a link to the patch to let you boot Windows XP on your Intel iMac. Now we just have to figure out why anybody would be crazy enough to want to do it..?

Update: People are now starting to install Windows on the other Intel Macs, so it looks like the hack will work across the board despite initial worries that it would be specific to the iMac.

CREDIT: Nirlog.com
Windows XP on the new MacBook Pro

Update: It looks like the hack to get XP working on your new Intel iMac isn't quite ready for prime time...

Update: Apple has just released Boot Camp beta, making booting Windows on your Intel Mac officially supported!


  1. I know i'd seem crazy to want to have that windows crap running on our macs but for some of us developers that actually is something we sort of have been waiting for. Ideally we'd have all the development tools for windows ported to OS X, but in some cases (like j2me and symbian for mobile devices) most dev tools that exist out there are for windows only. Having windows running on your powerbook at least allows us to enjoy the neat features of the mac hardware as opposed to having to use one of those ugly laptops :\ Wonder how games running on such an environment would perform... hmmm

  2. Anonymous10:04 pm

    You're right. People would be crazy to put XP on an iMac. They'd be a lot saner putting it on a proper computer.

    There are loads and loads of reasons why someone would want to put XP on a Mac. There are heaps of programs that don't run on Macs (or Linux machines, for that matter) that are used by millions upon millions of people around the world. Games are a whole giant bundle of reasons why someone would want to do this.

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