Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Flashbag?

Ignore the awful name, innovations in the user interface for physical devices don't come along that often. The Flashbag (via Gizmodo), is a USB flash drive which changes size in line with how much data it contains, and while it's just a concept right now, the designer does apparently have patent pending.

CREDIT: Dima Komissarov
The Flashbag

This is a classic ubiquitous computing concept, far more so that the intelligent spoons I mentioned in a previous post. The computing power is hidden, and the user interface is obvious and tactile, and doesn't need intervention to understand and react to the changing state of the device...


  1. Anonymous6:33 am

    Prehaps the device can be erased when squeezed? - Or data transfer starts, if the device is plugged into a computer and then squeezed?

  2. Now that's a cool idea, I wonder if the inventor has thought about that...