Friday, April 21, 2006

Skype WiFi phone

The new Skype WiFi phone (via The Register) from NetGear looks interesting. If VOIP is ever really going to take off in the mass market, then this is the sort of gadget that needs to be produced. People look at you strangely stuck with a headset and a laptop in your average coffee shop, but this is just another phone. Not only doesn't it look weird, everyone will automatically know how to use it. Software phones scare the average consumer, so something like this is exactly what's needed...

The new NetGear Skype WiFi phone

You can now pre-order it via at a $50 discount off the $300 RRP. No official news of a UK or European release date or pricing, but several sites are suggesting that it might be released simultaneously here and in the States around the end of June.

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