Monday, July 21, 2008

OSCON 2008

Day one of OSCON 2008 here in Portland, Oregon. In my current jet lagged state it was actually fairly easy to haul myself out of bed early enough to make it down to the convention centre and grab morning coffee before everything kicks off for the day. For my body at least its just coming up to four o'clock in the afternoon...

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This year I've decided to take my own advice and keep clear of the Perl track, at least for the tutorials. So this morning I'm going to "Python in Three Hours", then this afternoon I'm going to, erm, "Perl Security". Which is about as far as I could pull myself away from the Perl track for today. Tomorrow I'm off to "An Open Source Startup in Three Hours" and "Practical Erlang Programming".

As always, I'll be blogging things, taking pictures and this year probably twittering the odd comment or two. That's if the fail whale isn't sighted...

Update: Steve Holden talking about Python in Three Hours.

Update: Paul Fenwick talking about Perl Security.

Update: Gavin Doughtie and Andrew Hyde talking about An Open Source Startup in Three Hours.

Update: Bailed out of An Open Source Startup in Three Hours after coffee and into Damian Conway's talk on Perl Worst Practices.

Update: Francesco Cesarini talking about Practical Erlang Programming.

Update: With the tutorials over, the conference is kicking off properly with the Wednesday Morning Keynote.

Update: Looks like I'll see you all next year. While I was in the keynote I got a phone call and I'm now heading back into the UK somewhat earlier than planned.

Update: More than one interrupted journey...

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