Wednesday, November 10, 2004

The Delicious Monster

So like a lot of other people I was going to talk about that most Macintosh of companies, Delicious Monster, a creation of Will Shipley and Mike Matas. However John Siracusa, from Ars Technica, has more or less said what everyone else was trying to say, but with a lot more style...

Copyright © 2004 Delicious Monster
The Delicious Library, how software should be...

John's article may initally appear to be a normal software review, but he ends up talking about how and why Mac software differs from software you find on other platforms. If you develop software, even for other platforms, this article is worth reading.


  1. Anonymous7:57 pm

    (This is Brad, by the way)

    Have you tried Delicious Monster yet, Al? I played with it a bit yesterday. It did quite well for books (got Tim's in my bookshelf) but not very good for CDs. With a limited sample size of three, using the UPC it failed on two. It works much better if you find the object in Amazon first, then use the ASIN to punch into DM. It looks pretty slick and would be even slicker if USB webcam scanning worked like they were trying in their beta tests.

  2. Have a look here. It' looks like you've finally got your excuse to buy an iSight Brad...