Friday, September 02, 2005

Geotagging images

Right now everyone seems to be talking about Geotagging images and other data. However despite the fact that it's being talked up as the next big thing, for the early adopters amongst us, geotagging is already here and has been around for a while, and like a lot of early adopters I've been playing around with mobile phones and location based data.

CREDIT: Catt Family
61,344 Geotagged images...

Using Python for Series 60 I've hacked together a useful little application that tags every camera phone image taken with the GSM Cell ID at my current location, these can then be mapped to an approximate latitude and longitude using a look up table. A poor man's GPS, but none the less it's an interesting hack. Of course, it's a little bit on the bespoke side so if you're interested you might have to wait a few weeks so I can get a free weekend to tidy it up...

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