Thursday, September 29, 2005

Google fear and loathing...

Seth Jayson recently wrote about why he fears Google in an article for the Motley Fool. He said a lot of stuff that people have been thinking for a while. The idea of Google cross-correlating the keywords from my web searches, my GMail inbox and my blog postings along with the associated AdSense keywords is a nightmare scenario.

Interestingly however Robert Scoble sees a different threat, directly to Microsoft. An interesting take on things, and not one that had occurred to me...

Apple Matters is also carrying what I think is a related article right now. They talk about how people's frustration at Microsoft will probably always exist, so long as Microsoft is in control of the desktop operating system market. You have to wonder what that means for Google? With the desktop becoming irrelevant if they end up in control of Web 2.0, will they have to face the same fear and loathing?

Update: Fixed the incorrect attribution. Err, whoops...


  1. Anonymous7:05 pm

    Hey thanks for the mention, but you got the wrong Scoble.

    I think you meant to say Robert, who's my oldest brother by the way, and not Alex (that's me).

    You got the links right, but slight mixup on the name.

    My blogs are and

  2. I'll blame it on a momentary brain flummox I think...