Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The speed of meme

Is it science or a fairly successful attempt at self-advertising? Whatever, since I'd like to find what speed a meme propagates (via Canspice) across the blogosphere as much as the next man I'm dropping Scott a link in the interests of science. You should do the same...

Update: There is nothing new under the Sun, apparently this experiment has already been done. However this is interesting but irrelevant, the interesting result is therefore now, not how fast a meme propagates, but how has the propagation changed since last time the experiment was tried?

Update: The results are in and apparently the speed of a meme across the blogosphere is "very fast". If the guy didn't actually have the programming skills necessary to do a quantitative analysis of the logs, why did he bother in the first place? The mind boggles...

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