Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Where now for the Road Warrior?

As you probably know I was annoyed when Apple failed to offer a replacement for the 12-inch Powerbook, especially following the rumours of something much cooler after Macworld in January.

More recently rumours of flash based MacBooks have started to spread, so I've been hopeful that something smaller and lighter than my current 12-inch Powerbook would come along before it died. But now rumours of the demise of the 15-inch MacBook Pro have started to spread, event the middle road will be closed.

This idea seems insane, as I've talked about before people buying laptops are basically divided into two core demographics. The road warriors, who would kill for another half hour of battery, or half a kilogram less of laptop, and the power users who desperately want another couple of inches of screen real estate, and another hundred gigabytes of hard drive.

If Apple get rid of the 15-inch MacBook Pro, without replacing the 12-inch at all, where now for the Road Warriors?

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