Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The other secret Apple products?

Totally overshadowed by the release of the Apple iPhone something else snuck onto the Apple Store while we weren't looking. Apple's Airport Extreme Base Station has also received a face life to match the Apple TV and Mac Mini.

The new Airport Extreme Base Station

The big news however is that it supports the 802.11n protocol, and while you'll have to have an 802.11n compatible Airport card in your machine to take full advantage of this new hardware, the current generation of Macbook Pros are of course currently shipping with just that. The new base station will ship in February, and is priced at £119.

What else? Well not exactly an Apple product, but almost unnoticed, Axiotron also unveiled the first ever Mac OS X table, the Modbook. If you discount the new iPhone of course...

Update: The interesting thing I failed to point out about the new Airport Extreme Base Station is that it is lets you share your hardrive as a NAS device,
Now you can share an external USB hard drive over your wireless and wired network by simply connecting it to the USB port on your AirPort Extreme Base Station. Called AirPort Disk, it's perfect for sharing files, making backups, and more. You can even connect multiple drives and printers using a USB hub...
I guess my Linksys NSLU2 just became obsolete...

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