Monday, October 25, 2004

The Apple Store

While I was in town today with the JAC gang we wandered across, quite by accident, an Apple Store in Old Pasadena.

The Apple Store in Old Pasadena

There were, predictably, a lot of wonderful toys in the store, but the two things I was drooling over the most were the new iMac G5, and the amazing 30 inch Cinema HD Flat Panel Displays. I mostly resisted the urge to spend a lot money...

The Apple 30 inch Cinema HD Flat Panel Display with an iSight, attached to a Power Mac G5

The new Apple iMac G5

However, I couldn't resist one purchase to simplify my life a little. I picked up an Apple World Traveller Adapter Kit which will allow me to get rid of the tottering tower of adaptors I'm currently using to plug my PowerBook into the mains while I'm in the States.

The World Travel Adapter Kit


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