Friday, October 08, 2004

Google SMS

I do seem to be talking a lot about Google these days, but then so is everyone else as what they're doing right now is interesting, and gives us a good look at where they might be heading as a company in the aftermath of their IPO.

As I'm sure you've seen elsewhere, Google have introduced an SMS service, allowing users to do some limited queries via text message. As a Brit there doesn't seem to be anything innovative here, and the most frustrating thing about the entire businnes is trying to ignore all the Americans talking absolute nonsense about mobile communications when it was covered on Slashdot.

However, the wierd thing about the entire business is that the service is US only, where text messaging has hardly any market penetration, instead of in Europe where this might make sense. Of course we've had services like these, using WAP over GPRS, for a good few years so perhaps they figure there isn't much point in introducing it here?

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