Saturday, May 14, 2005

Flying Lufthansa to Osaka

I'm currently sitting in seat 55D on Lufthansa's flight LH 740 from Frankfurt to Kansai International near Osaka, connected to the Internet via Lufthansa's FlyNet broadband service.

It's surprisingly responsive. I checked my email over the University's VPN, and logged into the machine running the eSTAR node agent for the Liverpool Telescope to check that last night's observations went okay. It's slow, but useable. Certainly more usable than a GPRS connection, and there is very little to show that I'm currently at 35,000 feet somewhere over Asia. Of course since I'm in economy there isn't a power socket, so I'm stuck working off my laptop's battery. I've got to admit I don't normally mind this too much, but since I actually have internet access it's a lot more annoying than normal.

I've got to admit though, this is sort of cool...

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