Sunday, May 08, 2005

Google down? Google hacked?

Om Malik has the breaking news... (via Engadget)

It looks like Google was briefly down and out with some sort of DNS issue. If anything emphasises our reliance on a single provider for search, mail and the even the blog you're reading now, it's something like this happening. Did anyone feel the Internet shudder under our feet?

Update: Something odd is definitely going on. However it looks like the screen captures floating around the blogosphere, which apparently show that Google has been a victim of domain hijacking, are probably an artefact of people's browsers cycling through a list of alternative addresses when they found that they couldn't resolve

Update: Larry Magid was on CBS radio talking about the problem, it does look like Google was down globally...

Update: It now looks like this incident was definitely caused by DNS problem, and only affected Google. However it also looks like all Google services were down for over an hour before they started to reappear.

Update: Slashdot finally has the story, what took them so long? People were starting to assume it was a conspiracy...

Update: The Register doesn't have that much to say about the incident.

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