Friday, December 16, 2005

The Apple rumour mill

In the lead up to Macworld in January the Apple rumour mill is running at full speed. From a line of iPod accessories to widescreen iBooks, or even no new hardware at all, the rumour mill is spinning almost as fast as it did in the aftermath of the infamous "One More Thing" press release, which heralded the launch of the new iMac and the video iPod.

Me? I haven't a clue what's going on, nobody tells me anything. In the past I've guessed right, but I've also guessed wrong. But I'd still like my 3G enabled Powerbook or my Bluetooth iPod, or even a Bluetooth version of the Mighty Mouse.

I also still like the conspiracy theory gone mad idea suggested by the Unoffical Apple Weblog, although it is a but far fetched.

What ever the truth of things, the announcement of a live satellite broadcast of Steve Jobs' keynote address is sure fuel the mill...

Update: ...and of course you have to wonder whether the almost ubiquitous Intel Inside™ co-branding will kick in, chime, or no chime?

Update: Looks like the rumours that the iPod shuffle might be due for an update during Macworld in January might have some evidence backing them up...

Update: Blogging the keynote live...

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