Thursday, December 29, 2005

What he said...

As you can probably tell from my blog's sidebar, I'm a heavy user of both Flickr and But I'm not a big fan of Yahoo, as their bloat laden front page epitomises, at least to me, everything bad about the portal concept. As most people working with me in the VO probably have figured out by now, I'm also not a big fan of portals in general...

So the acquisition of Flickr by Yahoo didn't seem like good news. However, unlike a lot of their other offerings, they didn't immediately set about breaking it. Perhaps they were afraid to meddle with something obvious so sucessful, and rightly so...

So their recent purchase of doesn't frighten me as much as it might, although unlike Flickr I more easily see how it would fit into the Yahoo portal, in other words I can see how they might want to break it. I'm still holding out some hope, but I sort of have to agree with Rui Carmo's comments on the acquisition. You have to wonder how long bother Flickr, and now, will hold out against the Yahoo corporate culture.


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