Thursday, December 29, 2005

How to ship anything

After their recent foray into the world of documentary making, Joel Spolsky's company Frog Creek Software has had to get into shipping actual boxes rather than software and it looks like it hasn't been an easy ride.

CREDIT: Frog Creek Software
Automated shipping...

Joel's post on how to ship anything talks about how Frog Creek solved their shipping problems, and shows you how a geek obsessed with automation and ergonomics goes about solving problems with, more or less, off the shelf components. It's an interesting read for anyone thinking about shipping things, and perhaps also for anyone trying to automate repetitive tasks as Joel talks about what computers can do, but also what they can't...

Joel on Software: And on Diverse and...
by Joel Spolsky, ISBN 1590593898, 362 pages, £11.77

The publishers write, "This is a selection of essays from the author's Web site. Joel Spolsky started the web log in March 2000 in order to offer his insights, based on years of experience, on how to improve the world of programming. His extraordinary writing skills, technical knowledge, and caustic wit have made him a programming guru. This log has become infamous among the programming world, and is linked to more than 600 other websites and translated into 30+ languages! This book covers every imaginable aspect of software programming, from the best way to write code to the best way to design an office in which to write code. The book will relate to all software programmers (Microsoft and Open Source), anyone interested in furthering their knowledge of programming, or anyone trying to manage a programmer."

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