Saturday, December 10, 2005

Google Earth for OS X (10.4?)

While Google has always claimed that an OS X version of Google Earth was coming soon, there has been very little to indicate that it was a real project. However close on the heels of the initial rumours that a pre-release version of Google Earth for Mac OS X has been in limited distribution, verisons of the Mac OS X build started to leak onto the Internet.

While there have been several reviews of the leaked version, from my own experiments it appears that the leaked build is for Mac OS X 10.4 only.
Date/Time: 2005-12-10 20:48:40 +0000
OS Version: 10.3.9 (Build 7W98)
Report Version: 2

Command: Google Earth
Path: Google Earth
Version: ??? (???)
PID: 544
Thread: Unknown

Link (dyld) error:

dyld: Earth can't open library: /System/Library/Frameworks/Quartz.framework/Versions/A/Quartz (No such file or directory, errno = 2)
It looks like the leaked build requires the updated Quartz.framework which as far as I know is only available for Tiger. However the leaked application circulating is a "not intended for public release" version so this might be solved when the official beta turns up. Hopefully there will be a Panther version for us trailing edge people...

Update: For the record, it runs on my 10.4 box...

Google Earth running under Mac OS X

Update: A month to the day later we have an official release of Google Earth for Macintosh at Macworld in San Francisco.

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