Friday, May 12, 2006

Mossberg and the iPhone

Walt Mossberg says that the iPhone is coming (via Apple Matters), and who are we to argue with the likes of Walt? But like many others I'm tired of the continuing iPhone and Apple MVNO rumours. We've been talking about this for over two years now, can't we just leave be..?

Update: More iPhone rumours, this time naming Softbank as a partner for a 3G phone to be released in Japan sometime this year. However, at least to me, this one sounds bogus. Apple just don't work that way, and I'd be amazed if they ignored their core U.S. market for the release of something as (potentially) big as the iPhone. But then, maybe I'm just being cynical from over two years of iPhone rumours which led to nothing beyond the clunky Motorola ROKR E1.

Update: Amongst others, Gizmodo are taking the latest Softbank rumours as gospel. Do they know something, or someone, I don't? Or are they just so desperate for an iPhone they'll clutch at any straws to come their way?

Update: Apple Insider is now carrying the official denial of the Softbank rumour...

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