Monday, May 15, 2006

A week in Victoria

I'm currently catching up with my email in the run up to the IVOA Interoperability Meeting, which starts tomorrow. While Gemma and I have been out here in Victoria for a week now, we've been on holiday, although since we've got four cell phones and two laptops between the two of us it hasn't exactly been a "get away from it all" vacation. None the less I've got a stack of unread email to deal with, and a couple of talks to write before the meeting.

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Sitting amongst the drift wood on the beach at Oak Bay

We spent last week in the Dominion Grand Hotel, but today moved across the inner harbour to the Laurel Point Inn which commands an impressive view over the harbour.

While it's a move up in comfort and room size, the wireless network isn't any more free here than it was in the last hotel, and to be honest I think the Grand has more character than the Laurel Point. The Grand's recent refurbishment was obviously aimed at making it into a boutique hotel and while there were a few rough edges to the make-over, it's less than half the price of the Laurel Point and the service seemed friendlier. Maybe I'm turning into a tired and world weary traveller, but it takes more than floor space to impress me these days, although some hotels obviously take things too far...

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