Friday, May 26, 2006

Web 2.1, a bug fix

I'm still at the SPIE meeting here in Florida, and haven't been reading the web, nor really answering my email unless it's hideously important. So I didn't hear about the Web 2.0™ copyright mess until today.

Like Nick I'm willing to give Tim O'Reilly a break, he's earned a by, but I'm sure many others won't. He's supposed to be on vacation, but is presumably contact-able, and I'm guessing he's going to be seriously annoyed if someone at the office hasn't rung him about this and just tried to handle it without telling them. Especially when they don't seem to have realised how important this sort of thing is to the open source community, and how it hurts even more when it's "one of our own". Lawyers making a mess of things we can understand, Tim O'Reilly? It hurts that much harder the further you have to fall...

O'Reilly Publishing have built their business off the back of a reputation for ethics, honesty and integrity. Surely their reputation is worth more than their trademark on Web 2.0™?

Update: A sensible and measured post from Tim O'Reilly on his return from vacation, which will hopefully go a good way to settling people down so we can actually talk about this problem. I must admit to being more riled than I probably should have been over the apparent cluelessness shown by O'Reilly Publishing in handling the mess, precisely because this was O'Reilly and I expected better of them, rather than for any other real reason. The initial statement from Sara probably would have dealt with the mobs, it certainly would have dealt with me, if people weren't holding O'Reilly and specifically Tim himself to a higher standard.


  1. Anonymous11:09 pm

    This argument has been going on for a few weeks now.

  2. Anonymous12:07 am

    The "Tim will be back next week thing" is a shocker. Every minute he leaves his response is more damage to the company, although I think that even if he says sorry, people will be suspicious of O'Reilly's place in the community in future.

    Web 2.0 is the 3rd biggest search term on technorati at the moment, and it's basically about this. It's bigger than Microsoft or American Idol.

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