Friday, August 24, 2007

The iPhone unlocked

Engadget is reporting that the software unlock solution being offered by is legitimate and does indeed do exactly what it says on the tin, unlocks the iPhone from AT&T.

CREDIT: Engadget

Of course it looks like the company that is offering this isn't going to just give us the code out of the goodness of their hearts,

Individual per unit licenses will be available starting next week. We are currently opening up our mail for bulk purchase enquiries of 500 licenses and above... -

Sounds pricey to me, so I guess I'm holding out hope that the guys over on the iPhone Dev Wiki will get there real soon now as well. From past history they'll probably just give the code away, which will be nice...

But if you can't wait for that, then Engadget have more...

Update: Looks like AT&T might make it hard to sell an unlocked iPhone, and there has been some discussion about whether it is legal (in the US) to do so...

Update: So about three weeks on, the iPhone Dev guys have come through with their software unlock, supposedly using the same method as the iPhoneSIMFree unlock.

Update: It's official, the first free and open source unlocking program for the iPhone have hit net, and Engadget have all the details...

CREDIT: Engadget

Update: There seems to be some debate about who should get credit for the hack, my best guess is that the iPhone Dev Wiki team are the "official" source of the unofficial unlock.

Update: Gizmodo has more on the mounting controversy over the source and credit for the software unlock.

Update: ...and more on the controversy from TUAW.


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