Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The new iMac

The new iMac advert, fresh from the Apple special event.

Update: ...and unboxing pictures from Ars Technica. When Steve said "available today" it looks like he really meant it!

Update: There seems to be strong feelings that Apple have in some way crippled the Bluetooth version of their new ultra-thin aluminium keyboard.

The new wired and wireless keyboards

I don't get it, I love the fact that they've made the Bluetooth keyboard smaller, lighter and more lap friendly. Don't you see what they've done? They've turned it into a perfect tool to allow you to control your computer from across the room, which is what Bluetooth keyboard were always meant to be in the first place.

Want to make a bet that that that refresh for the Apple TV that Steve hinted about during the Q&A yesterday means that you can use this new lap-friendly lightweight keyboard to do a lot more than you used to be able to do with the Apple TV than you can now?

Update: Enough said..?


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