Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Yet another Apple Special Event

Rumours of a refresh for the iMac, and end-of-life for the Mac mini, have come and gone, and we still don't know anything about the press event later today except that it is going to be Mac related. At least we didn't have to face a round of iPhone and iPod related rumours in the lead up to the event. Well, no more than you'd expect...

The news that .Mac was going to be down during the event sparked some last minute speculation,

Due to scheduled maintenance, .Mac members might be intermittently unable to access some .Mac services from 10 AM to 12 PM PDT on 08/07/2007. We apologize for any inconvenience.

but on the whole most people are waiting for the predicted refresh, in brushed aluminium, of the iMac line.

I'll be following the live coverage of the event, as I'm still hoping for an ultra-light replacement for my 12-inch Powerbook, and lets face it I'm a fully signed up member of the Cult of Mac. But if you don't want to follow the event live, check back here later today and I'll have the high and low-lights for your entertainment.

Update: One thing we won't see (via TUAW) later today,

Update (08:55am PST): The queue is apparently already forming outside 4 Infinite Loop, even if it does just consist of the Gizmodo and Engadget teams,

CREDIT: Gizmodo

Update (09:34am PST): Queuing, the usual suspects...

CREDIT: Engadget

Update (09:45am PST): The Apple Store is down ahead of the event, which pretty much confirms we're looking at new hardware...

The UK Apple Store

Update (09:57am PST): Both Gizmodo and Engadget have gone dark, but Mac Observer is posting live from the auditorium via their iPhone. Show offs...

Update (10:03am PST): ...and Engadget is back with live coverage. It looks like there is a large (iMac sized?) object under a black cover at the front of the auditorium.

CREDIT: Engadget

Update (10:06am PST): Steve is on stage and talking about iMacs, looks like the predictions of a refresh for the iMac were at least partially correct then...

CREDIT: Engadget

Update (10:09am PST): We have new iMacs in glass an aluminium, with glossy displays and in 20 and 24-inch form factors. Does that mean the 17-inch iMac is dead?

CREDIT: Engadget

Update (10:13am PST): Looks like we're hanging onto the 17-inch,

What about the inside? Up to 2.4GHz Core 2 Extreme processor, up to 4GB of memory. ATI Radeon HD graphics card, up to 1TB of hard drive storage. 802.11n and Bluetooth 2.0 built-in. What models will we have? Up until now, 17-inch, 20-inch, and 24-inch. Well, today we're replacing the 24-inch, lowering price by $200, 20-inch at same $1499. replacing 17-inch with $1199 model. - via Engadget

Update (10:15am PST): It looks like Gizmodo has gone entirely dark under the weight of hits, but the Engadget feed is surprising responsive. Well done guys...

Update (10:21am PST): Looks like the rumours about a new ultra-thin brushed aluminium keyboard were spot on,

CREDIT: Engadget

This is the new iMac. Just gorgeous. You can see we have a full complement of I/O across the bottom. USB 2.0, Firewire 400, Fireiwre 800. Slot load superdrive. iSight camera and microphone. Can add memory with just one screw. New iMac will come in two sizes: 20-inch display, and 24-inch display. Both will be glossy. Customers say they love glossy displays. - via Engadget

Update (10:23am PST): It looks like Gizmodo is back...

CREDIT: Gizmodo

CREDIT: Engadget

Update (10:31am PST): Moving up, we have a big update to iLife, and the release of iLife'08 with the new concept of "events" which allows you to manage your iPhoto library more cleanly. Erm, okay...

Update (10:36am PST): Moving on, Steve is talking about .Mac, and what a success it's been. I guess the news that everyone is complaining that it's seriously lagging in features and costs too much hasn't reached Cupertino. Looks like the new iLife'08 is even more tightly tied into .Mac, with easy direct-to-web publication from iPhoto.

Update (10:37am PST): I think I just heard hell freezing over,

This is a true Web 2.0 app. Web app behaving just like iPhoto on my desktop... - via Engadget

did Steve really just say Web 2.0.?

CREDIT: Gizmodo

Predictably it looks like there is some level of integration with the iPhone and you can take pictures with your iPhone and push them directly onto the new .Mac Web Gallery.

Update (10:45am PST): Moving on from the new iPhoto, Steve is now talking about iMovie. Looks like this is an entirely new application, totally rewritten from the ground up with a new UI.

CREDIT: Gizmodo

Update (10:51am PST): Demo time, looks good...

CREDIT: Gizmodo

Update (10:53am PST): Looks like more iPhone integration here, you can watch the movies you publish to .Mac via the new iMovie application directly on the iPhone. So far this really hasn't been, "...all about the Mac" has it? Sure we've had the new iMacs, but he's spending a lot of time talking about the new version of iLife, .Mac and iPhone integration. Are we looking at a hardware related "...one more thing"?

Update (10:57am PST): Moving on, it looks like iDVD and Garageband have also got an update. While iWeb now has widget integration; Google Maps, AdSense, YouTube. Just drop and drag web page creation...

Update (11:00am PST): iLife'08 costs $79, and is available today. It ships free with all new iMacs...

Update (11:04am PST): Now we're talking, the storage available with .Mac just went up from 1GB to a more reasonable 10GB. It looks like my iDisk finally might become useful.

CREDIT: Gizmodo

Update (11:06am PST): Moving on, we also get a new version of iWork. He's talking about Keynote, with the spiffy new effects they've added, and Pages, with the new templates they've added. Erm, okay...

Update (11:10am PST): Okay, new application. It looks like iWork'08 ships with Numbers, a spreadsheet application to round of the office package. From the sounds of it, it does spreadsheet related things; formatting, sorting, doing formulas, moving columns around, and other such stuff.

CREDIT: Gizmodo

Update (11:13am PST): iWork'08 costs $79, and is available today...

Update (11:15am PST): Tim Cook, the Chief Operating Officer, and Phil Schiller, the Executive Vice-President for Product Marketing, are on stage for a Q&A session.

CREDIT: Gizmodo

Update (11:20am PST): Looks like the Mac mini is sticking around for a little while longer at least,

Q: How is the Mac Mini doing? And are you updating it? A: We are refreshing the Mac Mini and making it even faster. It's already in the online store. - via Gizmodo

Update (11:23am PST): Interesting,

Q: How is Apple TV today? How does it fit into Mac? A:We're here to talk about Mac, we'll have some news for the Apple TV soon, but nothing to talk about today. - via Engadget

Update (11:29am PST): Here's one I wanted to know the answer to,

Q: Will there be multi-touch technology in the Mac? A: It makes a lot of sense in the iPhone, but we're not sure it makes sense in the Mac. We'll categorize it as a research project for now. - via Gizmodo

and that's a real shame, although I guess they didn't deny they're thinking about it..?

Update (11:35am PST): ...and we're done. What, no "...one more thing"? What's the world coming to? I guess I still don't get a replacement for my 12-inch Powerbook then?

Update (11:39am PST):The Apple Store has just come back up with all the new toys. Looks like they're serious, so that's all folks...

Update: Video of the special event is now online...

With thanks to Engadget, Gizmodo and the Mac Observer for real time coverage.

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