Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Google Developer Day 2008

I'm currently holed up in "Space Invaders" waiting for the first keynote of Google Developer Day 2008.

Space Invaders

For those of you who didn't manage to talk your boss into letting you blow an entire day on this thing, the Google Developer YouTube channel should have all talks.

I'm currently intending to go to Deeper look at Google App Engine followed by Google Gears. Then after lunch I'll either be going to the Building a simple application using Google App Engine code lab or What's New in Geo and the Google Web Toolkit. Either way I'll try and keep blogging all day, and while unlike last year the wireless network is holding up under the strain remarkably well, we still don't have any power sockets.

This year's event is, at least so far, fairly light on free stuff. We've been given a gift wrapped, USB key drive, that's actually faintly unsettling when in use. No silly putty, t-shirts, or yo-yo's this year. You can't have it all...

Update: Posts from the Opening Keynote and Deeper look at Google App Engine session.

Update: Post from the What's new in Gears session.

Update: Posts from both the What's new in Geo and the Google Web Toolkit sessions.

Update: The closing keynote. Now time for beer, food and random fun...

Update: Pictures from throughout the day can be found on my Flickr photo-stream, and videos of most of the day will be uploaded to the Google YouTube channel real soon now...

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