Thursday, May 31, 2007

Google Developer Day 2007

I'm currently squatting on one of the large pillows strewn Blogger Lounge at the Google Developer Day in London.

The Blogger Lounge
The Blogger Lounge

For those of you who didn't manage to talk their boss into letting them blow an entire day to go to this thing, you'll have to make do with the talks that are being streamed to the web. I've managed to get into the New features in the Maps API, Google Earth and the GeoWeb, Building better AJAX apps/Newest APIs and Developing for the Mobile sessions. I'll try and keep blogging as the day goes on, but the wireless internet is starting to creak under the pressure already, and I've got a feeling I'm going to have to fight for a power socket.

The important bit of these sorts of days is, of course, the free stuff. So far I've snagged a 500MB flash drive, a yo-yo, some silly putty, a Google mouse mat and of course a Google T-shirt. You can't complain...

Update: The Google Keynote given by Chris DiBona and Ed Parsons.

Update: The new features in the Maps API session with Andrew Eland.

Update: The Google Earth and the GeoWeb session with Peter Birch.

Update: The Google Gears session with Chris Prince.

Update: The mobile development session with Gummi Hafsteinsson.

Update: The webcast keynote, live from Mountain View.

Update: Footage from the Google Developer Day is now on YouTube.

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