Friday, May 04, 2007

Blogger is dead, long live Blogger!

Well I've had my complaints about the new Blogger, but as you may have noticed I've decided to stick with it. I've just completed the move to Blogger for custom domains. This explains the domain name change for the blog, although if you're subscribed via my feed you might not even have noticed that yet.

I'm using Apache's Rewriting Engine to redirect traffic from the old URLs to the new site. However despite having switched to the new Blogger some time ago, it looks like the canonical URLs for things like archive and label pages moved during the switch over, as did the location of the RSS feed which gave FeedBurner no end of trouble. Hopefully I've caught all the corner cases, but if someone does spot something I've missed, mail me and I'll fix it.

So if you've come to the blog via a link to, update your bookmarks, and I hope you like the new look and feel.

Update: In a curious coincidence, the guys over at Blogger have just announced that they've finally taken the old Blogger system off line and dismantled the hardware.

Update: I can't help thinking that I've traded one set of problems for an entirely different set...

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