Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Mountain View Webcast

After a short break I'm back in the same seat for the final session of the day, which is a live webcast directly from Google's campus in Mountain View.

The opening keynote from Mountain View

As the developer day in London draws to a close the one in Moutain View is just kicking off and, along with everyone else here in London, I'm currently listening to the opening keynote from California. Funnily enough they're saying many of the same things, in the same way, as we heard this morning during our own opening keynote. Consiering how much fun some of the rest of the day has been, this seems to be a bit of an anticlimactic end to the day.

Update: Okay here we go, we've got some product announcements. The first announcement is Google Mashup Editor, which apparently does what it says on the tin and lets you build simple mashups with a few clicks.

Update: Next up they're talking about Mapplets which we heard about earlier. I'm guessing I was in the wrong parallel session to hear about the Google Mashup Editor perhaps?

Update: I actually think our own keynote was a lot better than the Mountain View keynote, which seems to be very heavily scripted and with the talking heads obviously not being that used to public speaking. This certainly isn't a Steve-note like performance from Google. But maybe there will be one more thing?

Update: Now covering the Google Web Toolkit and now Google Gears which we've also already heard about and the new offline version of Google Reader.

Update: They've just rolled on the CTO of Adobe to talk about Google Gears and Apollo. I haven't seen a demo of Apollo before, and I'm actually quite impressed especially with Gears integration it looks interesting to manage easy cross-platform development.

Update: Okay, we're wrapping up at the end of the keynote. It doesn't look like there is one more thing, alhtough they have just rolled Sergey Brin onto the stage.

Update: No, Sergey didn't really say anything interesting, and we're done...

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