Thursday, May 31, 2007

New features in the Maps API

Managed to sneak a couple of row forward from where I was in the keynote, but there still aren't any power sockets in here...

Andrew Eland talking about the Google Maps

My first real session of the day Andrew Eland talking about the new features in the Maps API. He started off giving a brought overview of the API, but did finally dig down into showing us some real code, starting off with the classic Hello World program in Maps by dropping a marker onto the map as an overlay that when clicked on displays the classic message.

I'm going to stop typing now and listen to what he's got to say...

Update: Apparently coming soon is AdSense for Google Maps which means you'll be able ot monterise your Maps mashups pretty trivially, interensting...
var manager = new GAdsManager(map, "id" );
Update: He's talking about Mapplets which blends the Google Gadgets and Maps API, which produces a Google Maps API application turned into a plug-in for Google Maps. He's going through the "Hello World" example as a mapplet now, doesn't look too bad, and explaining how the Mapplets are protected against cross-site scripting attacks.

Update: He's trying to sell us on not locking away your geo-data inside your own Javascript code but instead use a KML file which will be indexed by Google and allows the data to be used by other people.
var kml = GGeoXml( "url" );
kml.addMapOverlay( );
Another benefit is that it's a lot easier to add the data as an overlay as Google will handle virtually everything for you. Looks to be a classic case of separation of data and implementation. An easy sell?

Update: The session has been posted to YouTube...

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