Wednesday, April 13, 2005

An afternoon of VOEvent

After lunch we started off with Paul Price talking about Pan-STARRS. We then had a tag team talk by Robert White and Tom Vestrand, from the RAPTOR project at Los Alamos, talking about the Thinking Telescope Project. Now this looks to be a really interesting one, and along with eSTAR, one of the few (only?) agent based projects in astronomy.

Tom Vestrand talking about machine learning

After the Los Alamos guys I gave my talk on agent architectures and event messaging, which predictably caused a lot of argument about co-ordinate representations. Funny that!

After a break for coffee, and we needed it after the discussions following my talk, Joshua Bloom talked about PAIRITEL and what he sees as the higher level issues about implementing a real-time event network. Although he used different names for virtually everything, I agreed with quite a lot of what he said!

The final talk of the day was given by Rick Hessman who talked about RTML, a "solution to a different agenda" as Rick puts it...

Back Link: The talks that were given this morning.

Update: Another day brings break out discussions and more talks...

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