Sunday, April 03, 2005

Broken Jabra 250BT?

Does anyone know anything about the internals of a Jabra 250BT headset? After working just fine with my Nokia 6600 and Apple Powerbook for some time suddenly I'm not getting any audio to the headset, can't hear a thing, not even the beeps when it pairs itself up with the phone.

My defunct Jabra 250 BT

The volume controls still works, so my guess is that that I've got a hardware fault in the speaker rather than some sort of Bluetooth protocol problem.

I was sort of hoping that if I opened it up there would be a obvious broken wire, but there wasn't, and no, it's not still under warranty. While the headset is very comfortable, that flexible hook that goes round the ear has always looked really fragile to me, maybe I've finally sat on it one too many times...

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