Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Perl for Series 60

While I was somewhere over the Atlantic, on the return leg from LA, a post from Jarkko Hietaniemi to the Perl 5 Porters list announced the long awaited release of Perl for Series 60.

Well, not exactly a release just yet...
Note that the patches only implement a "base port", enabling one to run Perl on Symbian, the basic operating system platform. The patches do not implement any further Symbian OS or Series 60 (an application framework) bindings to Perl.

Of course the nice thing about the Python for Series 60 release is the Symbian application framework. The framework Nokia released with the Python package makes it really is easy to rapidly develop Series 60 applications, without that we have something that isn't quite as useful as it could be...

None the less, I agree with Matt. It is good to see this out in the wild. It means there should be "unofficial" builds along real soon, I wish I had time to do one myself, and hopefully the official release from Nokia following fairly quickly.

Update: Jarkko has now established a SourceForge project which makes a binary build of the port available, I've just had a go a installing and running the binaries and after some initial teething troubles with the installer it all worked fine.

Update: Slashdot now has the story. But weirdly it doesn't seem to have made the front page or had raised much interest. I'm confused, this is big news..?

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