Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Perl 6: End-game

My first session of the conference proper was on the status of Perl 6 given by Damian Conway and Larry Wall,

Larry and Damian talking about Perl 6
Are we there yet...
the answer to which seems to be, almost...

The language design is undergoing simplification and consolidation, but there are a whole bunch of new features including three new yada yada yada operators,
while get_next( ) -> $next { ... } # fail
while get_next( ) -> $next { ??? } # warn
while get_next( ) -> $next { !!! } # die
go figure. Apparently we can also now do,
say $data.perl()
instead of
use Data::Dumper;
print Dumper( $data );
which got a big round of applause, and has to be a good thing...

Listening to Damian and Larry I'm reassured, Perl 6 is actually going to happen. We're close, we have prototypes and people are already being ported to Perl 6, so Damian is hoping that this time next year he'll be teaching people how to use it. Here's hoping...