Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Sign up for Gmail

While I was away the Google Blog reported that you can finally sign up for Gmail without an invitation. Perhaps people will now finally stop asking me for invitations?

The real news however, is that you have to give them your mobile phone to sign up, and Russell Beattie has a similar take on things to me. It's a good move on their part to harvest all those numbers, but probably not a smart move on our part to hand them over without a serious think about the future consequences...


  1. Anonymous7:50 am

    You could just sign up for a Gmail account at :

  2. Anonymous3:57 pm

    I don't think this link works.


    Well.. A user is able to simply type in basic information like their e-mail address and their password but when you agree with terms and conditions you are forwarded to a page saying the URL Link is invalid.

    How comes?

    Google are definately doing something right with their computers. They have made so many extensions to their horizons now.. I mean having a Blog! Able to store photos! E-mail service!

    Someone really has there thinking cap on! lol

  3. Anonymous3:34 pm

    How can i get gmail account?

  4. Anonymous12:28 pm

    hi guys now you can signup free for Gmail using the link below.
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