Sunday, February 05, 2006

Apple Special Event?

Rumours of another Apple special press event has just surfaced on digg. According to John Ellenich, Apple has just sent out invitations for a special press event on Feburary 22nd to be held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco...

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Yet another Apple special press event?

Update: The general consensus now seems to be that this is a fake, and as none of the usual candidates have stuck their hands in the air to say that they've received an invitation, for once general consensus is probably correct...

Update: It looks like other alternative versions of the Apple special event invite are now turning up on the web. Some are obvious fakes, I don't think spelling "February" incorrectly is something that's going to happen in an Apple press invitation, do you? and none of the obvious candidates to get one of these has stepped forward and confirmed that it's all real, I think we have to write the "special event" off as a fake. Unless anyone knows differently?

Update: The Unofficial Apple Weblog is now actually running a contest for the most convincing fake invite to the presumably non-existant Apple special event on the 22nd. Isn't the Internet weird?

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