Monday, February 27, 2006

What would Steve do?

Engadget have just announced the results of their WWSJD 3 competition. The winning entry was a palmtop computer that looks like a neater, cleaner, Apple version of my HTC Universal which is sitting in-front of my iMac right now...

CREDIT: Adam K (via Engadget)
The winning entry, iPalm anyone?

As I've mentioned before I'd pretty much kill for this, or an iPod sized PDA, which I could easily sync with my iMac and Powerbook. Failing that I'd take a small tablet Mac as a good substitute, come on Steve mobile computing is the way to go, give us what we want...

Update: Coverage of the Apple Special Event and the new Intel Mac mini. Nothing mobile related after all, despite the fact that virtually all the entries to Engadget's competition had a portable angle. Isn't mobile what people want?

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