Sunday, February 12, 2006

Stressful end for the Global Flyer

Steve Fossett successfully took the world record for the longest non-stop flight yesterday. But failed to make it all the way to his planned touch down in Kent, after an electrical malfunction occurred just 45 minutes before landing during his preparations for the decent into Kent International Airport.

After declaring a Mayday and flying with an iced over windscreen due to the electrical failure, Steve and the Global Flyer made a successful emergency touch down at Bournemouth Airport on the south coast of England with what was later found to be only 200lbs of fuel left onboard the aircraft.

CREDIT: Graham Hustings/BBC News
Steve Fossett landing in Bouremouth
CREDIT: Graham Hustings/BBC News
Emergency crews on hand after landing
CREDIT: Gary Ellson/BBC News
The burst tires on the Global Flyer

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  1. My company (Metal Toad Media) created the map images for Blue Sky Network, which were used to track the Global Flyer's position. We recently took that information and created a time-lapse movie of the most recent Global Flyer flight: