Thursday, February 16, 2006

Linux boots on Intel Mac

While you might not be able to run Windows on your new Intel Core Duo iMac for a while yet, it looks like you can now run Liunx if you really feel the need.

CREDIT: Mactel-Linux Project
Gentoo booting on an Intel Core Duo iMac
Using elilo and a modified Linux kernel, we can boot from a USB hard disk on the 17" iMac Core Duo. We are using the hacked vesafb driver to inherit the bootloader's framebuffer, keyboard and a USB network card work. Gentoo runs and can compile the Linux kernel with a compiler that runs on linux, which was compiled in linux. - Mactel-Linux Project
Well done to the guys at the Mactel-Linux Project, who did it without the help of Red Hat. Despite promises, Red Hat apparently don't yet have an Intel iMac in house...

Update: Slashdot has picked up the story...

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