Friday, September 29, 2006

AJAX epiphany?

Rui Carmo talks about Javascript and AJAX and has an epiphany about the language while lying on a beach.
I've always considered JavaScript as a sort of bastard language that had no place in the civilized environs... Prototype gratuitously mucks about with JavaScript innards in a way that some people thoroughly dislike... Despite JavaScript being a broken, hopeless language, Prototype's trickery makes it fun... - Rui Carmo
I've been writing a lot of Javascript lately; the VOEvent manual injection system, the eSTAR network status map, the OGLE event timeline page and a growing collection of eSTAR Dashboard widgets. Despite agreeing with Rui that it's a hopelessly broken language, I must admit to a certain fondness for Javascript. I can see why some Perl folks think it has promise, it lets you get stuff done, and as any Perl hacker will tell you, that's the important thing. Who said too much sun can be bad for you?

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