Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The updated iPod

The updated iPod

Not the widescreen iPod, with touchscreen clickwheel, we were half expecting but an updated 5th generation iPod instead. The new iPods come in 30G and 80G models at $250 (£189 inc VAT) and $350 (£259 inc VAT).

The screen is apparently 60% brighter than previous models, and the battery has been extended so that it should now last up to 20 hours for audio playback or up to 6½ hours of video playback between charges. On the software side the iPod comes with new search services, games, and gapless playback, which I know will tempt at least one member of the Cult of Mac that I know into buying a new iPod. The updated iPods are available immediately.

Update: It's worth noting that the iPod games now available on the iTunes store can be played on a previous generation iPod, as well as the new updated models, so long as you update your software first. No such luck if you have an iPod nano of course...

Update: iLounge unpacks (via Engadget) the new iPod.

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